A love for Nature, design and handcraft

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to draw, and my favorite things to draw were always things I observed in nature such as leaves, insects and butterflies. I have always been fascinated by the colours of nature and felt happiest when spending time outside.

As a child I spent every summer in my grandparents’ home in Sauda in western Norway, and every day I brought my drawing book with me to my grandmother’s beautiful garden. My whole life I have appreciated time on my own, with my pencils and my book. 

My grandmother Judith was very kind and loving, and she loaned me her beautiful shoes, her makeup and her fine jewelry whenever I wanted to pretend to be a grown up woman during my girlhood. She inspired my early interest in design, and she taught me my love for good quality that can be used for generations. 

I live in Oslo, but we also have a home in the beautiful Andalucia area, where I spend a lot of time during the year. By chance and good luck, I met some very skilled goldsmiths in Spain in 2012, and in December 2013 I finally decided to follow my dream and become a designer. I love to see how the goldsmiths I work With, bring my designs and drawings of jewelry to life, to create the most beautiful pieces. We have a very fulfilling collaboration. 

I also traveled a lot growing up, and I always had my drawing book with me in my bag wherever I went. However even though I loved exploring my creative side, my life went a different way, and I studied economics and worked in that area for many years. 

Now I find myself in a situation where I again can draw a lot, and I still love best to draw things from nature. My favorite winged creature is the dragonfly, and dragonfly in Spanish is the beautiful word "Libelula". It is so exciting to create a design on paper and about six to eight weeks later see it transformed into a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is very important to me that everything I deliver to my customers is of the highest quality – so everything is handmade by the goldsmiths and in 18 carat gold. All the diamonds used in the collections are classified by the American GIA scale. The diamonds that I use are GIA EFG, which correspond with River and Top Wesselton. My hope for the jewelry I design is that it will be everlasting and given to generations to come.