Libelula wedding collection

Sharing some pictures of the photoshoot we did at the amazing Vigelandsmuseet in Oslo. So proud of my team.

Photo: Ann Cathrin Buchardt

Model: Pia Wille
Hair & makeup: Andres Kløvstad and Mathea Fiskaa



I want to share pictures of the amazing photoshoot we did we supermodel Siri Tollerød early this September. Photo: Ann Cathrin Buchardt.


Amsterdam is a beautiful and hectic city. There are flowers everywhere, great food, fantastic architecture and a lot of jewellery and antique shops. I visited the diamond museum while we where there, and I also looked at vintage jewellery in the many antique shops.

Back in Copenhagen

Friday 27th of April I was back in Copenhagen for a meeting with the Goldmind girls. I was happy to hear that the fashion magazines and bloggers in Copenhagen had liked the jewellery from Libelula very much. I am pleased to hear that since I consider Copenhagen to be the “jewellery capital” of Scandinava. Copenhagen is such an inspiring and blooming city and as you know I use the nature a lot in my designs. I already have some ideas for the SS16 collection.

In May I am traveling to Amsterdam  - stay tuned.


Today I went to Copenhagen to meet the lovley girls at Goldmind Communication. They are going to show a selection of jewellery from Libelula at pressdays 22nd and 23rd of april to Danish fashion magazines and bloggers, and hopefully the Danish fashionistas will like what they see.  Stay tuned!

Beautiful Copenhagen

Beautiful Copenhagen

Charlotte from Goldmine trying on a titanium and diamond bracelet from Libelula jewellery.

Charlotte from Goldmine trying on a titanium and diamond bracelet from Libelula jewellery.